Young Delegates Program

NEWS: Four grants for young delegates (YDP) have been granted during the Winter School.

The Young Delegates Program (YDP) provides assistance to young scientists and engineers for their participation in IFToMM technical conferences as well as summer and winter schools. IFToMM will award four grants of USD 250 to participants who are not fully supported by their own institutions.

In order to be eligible for support, young scientists and engineers must normally be less than 36 years of age in the year of the winter school, be in a country of the national or territorial organizations that are IFToMM members, and be engaged on work in the field of machines and mechanisms.

To apply for support, the applicants must write a letter of request to the ROBOzen winter school. The letter must include the following information in the YDP grant request form:

1. the name and date of the event,
2. the reason for participation,
3. the source and amount of funds for the costs beyond the YDP grant.

The letter of request must be accompanied by (please provide your application documents in English):

1. Curriculum vitae, including date of birth;
2. Letter of recommendation from advising professor or manager;
3. Budget estimate, itemizing all expenses and their summation for the participation in the winter school.

Preferences for funding will be given to persons from countries or territories that have a strong need, those that have not received prior grants under this program, and those whose subscriptions are fully paid.

The event chair will coordinate with the IFToMM treasurer the process for transferring the granted funds and submitting the corresponding report to the treasurer after the sponsored event. Participants who are selected to receive support will be notified by the event chair one month before the winter school in order to allow adequate time to complete travel arrangements. The recipient’s name, affiliation, and event attended will be posted on the IFToMM website.

To apply for the grant the following document should be filled in and submitted to the e-mail address:

IFToMM Application Form for YPD Grant Request